In the early 90's, after reading the book "What Color is Your Parachute", I took a 12 week course to go deeper into defining what and who I really am.

My peers made it simple on my over 20 years ago, telling me (the then-retail-manager), "You are a teacher, you are a photographer, you are an architect and a future author of 'How to..." books." (more about that in this blog post)

I researched and dismissed architect, and since have been seeking a three-headed coin that would allow me to do all of the other three that I love so much.

It took me until 2015, in my own non-linear fashion to make these all come to fruition in the form of my dharma-based, purpose-driven classes on the tools I've used to be all three of these as well as a father, a mother (long story) and husband.

It took 10+ years worth of professional speaker training to overcome my fear of the microphone. Add to that, about 20 years practice in helping my clients overcome their discomfort when a camera sits between us, and it feel safe to say, I AM JAZZED ABOUT SHARING MY DISCOVERIES!.

I'm looking forward to sharing a number of classes that have evolved by way of insights, systems and a great deal of personal and wealth development strategies to form my newfound Self - The Gratitudaholic!