Am That I Am...


Who I am, not "what I will be..."
It's embracing the now that brings it to me.

Striving for years, for what I was not,
A condition of lack is where I was caught.

Deep breath, held in tight, exhale, I let go.
Mind on gratitude, all things start to glow.

An effortless smile takes over my face.
As I seek new things to shower with grace.

Completely relaxed, my concerns now subside.
Savoring each breath, a great feeling inside.

Brain now relaxed, magnetics do the rest,
With oars out of water, my life has been blessed.

Effortless bliss where resistance once swam,

I found my way back to all that I am.


Brian Geraths

Mystic Beach

Mystic Beach for Blog

Mist in my eyes,
Sun dimmed to low,
A lone thought consumes me,
Where did my life go?

At birth it was now –
No worries, no crime.
I played with my feet,
Unaware of the time.

Today I walk slowly,
Tired of the race.
What’s past, what’s future?,
The NOW, my new pace.

A busy old mind,
Still packs the boy “me”,
Youth is oblivious -
This too shall they be.

We humans always longing,
It’s an endless pursuit.
Soul's voice has confirmed
That it’s just a skin suit.

With each heel-to-toe
I’m one with the beach
I always have Now,
Within my minds reach.



Behind the Curtain


I want to observe you,

Uncomfortably long.

Beyond the physical

To the depths of your Song.

I look into you deeply,

No appearance, do I see.

It's the mirroring of God,

Reflecting you within me.

Your mind would race wildly,

Should I pursue this desire.

But we are all so beautiful

Why is it wrong to admire.

My intentions poetic

Versus primitive intent,

We're all brothers and sisters

Sent by the Omnipotent.

Unknowingly trapped

by our simple five senses,

We limit eye contact

and put up defenses.

I've this camera that sees you,

as perfect, no flaw.

Your spirit, your purpose

and your Maker, my awe.

Should we ever make contact,

In my eyes, please be certain,

Is profound admiration,

For the "I" behind the curtain.

Brian Geraths

Uncloaking the Elephant


Painful truths,
easiest denied.
Impregnable silence,
nowhere to hide.

My Soul screams out
Dear God help me see
That the elephant in my living room
must be set free.

I meditate and pray
I seek my own flaws
To uncloak this creature
and fix it at cause.

The space all around
the shape of denial.
Can no longer fit
The me that can smile.

I grew into Love
and cast out my fear,
and the Universe nudged me,
"It's time to leave here".

In fear of my wings
Yet too enlivened to crawl,
I crave this new peace
No desire to brawl.

I now have convictions
to appreciate this shove,
that has forever made permanent
My desire to be Love.

This massive gray presence
no longer do I feed,
Except words of gratitude
for the gift of it's seed.

Brian Geraths

Waves of Gray

Passion pours

Like Ocean shores

being pounded with rhythm from sea.


Mass to mist

My feelings persist

As the saltwater pours from me.


Happy my tears

Dissolve my fears

With each splash of water to land


Blue expanse

Wavy, it's dance

Soft music, this poetic disband.


Heart of joy

This God I employ

"Please guide me" is all that I pray.


Answered at Soul

"Just live your life Full"

And appreciate these waves of gray.


Eternal Listening


I've turned off the news
No more singing the blues,
The sky tells me all that I need?

My day was once filled,
Time-wasters distilled.
And the bank account no longer bleeds.

I speak only truth,
No confessional booth,
To mend my behaviors in haste.

Time, talent and treasure,
I've found giving is pleasure,
My life's void of excess and waste.

Feeling naked, exposed,
Countless pleas I have posed,
Did I speak to you in the wrong voice?

I thank you each night,
Mornings all start off right,
Though troubles still challenge this choice.

With faith of a seed,
Untainted by greed,
Your process devoutly endured.

I accept as your answer,
This vibration called cancer,
A life void of love has been cured.

Deep into their eyes,
I did realize,
My first understanding of Soul.

Smiling in tears,
They relinquished my fears,
It took disease to make me feel whole.

Five simple senses,
Science dropping defenses,
Proving more to be seen, without doubt!

I still needed proof,
Bare feet on my roof,
Arms spread, "Just smite me", my shout.

Words not your way,
Nudges came into play,
Things better than asked, you did bring.

Awake, not alone,
My Life not my own,
I thank you Eternal Listening.

Brian Geraths

Never Alone

The clock, more than I,
Steadfast in it's pace.
I push with my mind,
and make my heart race.

Pain beneath my ribs
I struggle for calm breath.
Fear grabbed my reigns,
Is there peace before death?

Eyes wet with wonder
Cumulus in my eyes,
What lessons through this portal
between earth and blue skies?

Stripped of past fears
Chest now at ease.
Breath meets my stomach,
Full release to this breeze.

One wing to my left,
Sensing two to my right,
An imaginary presence
As I broke through to light.

Letting go of all thoughts
Like an effortless drone,
IT filled me with a Knowing
That I am never alone.




Mechanical, tenacious,
Accidentally cruel.
Determined, inspired
at times such a fool.

Brilliant, Intentional
Driven to succeed.
Just and resolute,
There's a family to feed.

Steadfast, on-track,
"House rules will be kept"
Too busy to notice
He's emotionally inept.

Mind fixed on task,
Appearance unjust.
He really adores you,
And lives for your trust.

Integrity abounds him,
When offering a shove.
But in the end please know,
It's all for your love.

A blind-spot is common,
Where work and life intersect,
His vision improves
Knowing of your respect.

Deserve it he must,
It's a two-way street,
In appreciation he'll thrive
Under threat, he'll compete.

Life's chemical anchor,
He might scare you when mad.
Simply call him to peace,
with, "I love you Dad"

Brian Geraths