Am That I Am...

Who I am, not "what I will be..."
It's embracing the now that brings it to me.

Striving for years, for what I was not,
A condition of lack is where I was caught.

Deep breath, held in tight, exhale, I let go.
Mind on gratitude, all things start to glow.

An effortless smile takes over my face.
As I seek new things to shower with grace.

Completely relaxed, my concerns now subside.
Savoring each breath, a great feeling inside.

Brain now relaxed, magnetics do the rest,
With oars out of water, my life has been blessed.

Effortless bliss where resistance once swam,

I found my way back to all that I am.


Brian Geraths


Brian Geraths

Passionate for nature, life, writing and sharing, this site is mutually dedicated to my three favorite vehicles through life - Photography, Writing and Speaking. As professional photographer I was (and still am) in my favored "Observer" mode. As writer, these observations exposed a deeper understanding into ethics, authenticity and leadership. As speaker, I get to be selfish. In giving we gain - big! By helping you to discover your own authenticity, passion and where you too are a leader, I get a huge pang of fulfillment. Yes, I am a giver - the most selfish sort of person that ever was. (that is, once you realize how great the results of giving truly are)