Mechanical, tenacious,
Accidentally cruel.
Determined, inspired
at times such a fool.

Brilliant, Intentional
Driven to succeed.
Just and resolute,
There's a family to feed.

Steadfast, on-track,
"House rules will be kept"
Too busy to notice
He's emotionally inept.

Mind fixed on task,
Appearance unjust.
He really adores you,
And lives for your trust.

Integrity abounds him,
When offering a shove.
But in the end please know,
It's all for your love.

A blind-spot is common,
Where work and life intersect,
His vision improves
Knowing of your respect.

Deserve it he must,
It's a two-way street,
In appreciation he'll thrive
Under threat, he'll compete.

Life's chemical anchor,
He might scare you when mad.
Simply call him to peace,
with, "I love you Dad"

Brian Geraths


Brian Geraths

Passionate for nature, life, writing and sharing, this site is mutually dedicated to my three favorite vehicles through life - Photography, Writing and Speaking. As professional photographer I was (and still am) in my favored "Observer" mode. As writer, these observations exposed a deeper understanding into ethics, authenticity and leadership. As speaker, I get to be selfish. In giving we gain - big! By helping you to discover your own authenticity, passion and where you too are a leader, I get a huge pang of fulfillment. Yes, I am a giver - the most selfish sort of person that ever was. (that is, once you realize how great the results of giving truly are)