Never Alone

Never Alone

The clock, more than I,
Steadfast in it's pace.
I push with my mind,
and make my heart race.

Pain beneath my ribs
I struggle for calm breath.
Fear grabbed my reigns,
Is there peace before death?

Eyes wet with wonder
Cumulus in my eyes,
What lessons through this portal
between earth and blue skies?

Stripped of past fears
Chest now at ease.
Breath meets my stomach,
Full release to this breeze.

One wing to my left,
Sensing two to my right,
An imaginary presence
As I broke through to light.

Letting go of all thoughts
Like an effortless drone,
IT filled me with a Knowing
That I am never alone.



Brian Geraths

Passionate for nature, life, writing and sharing, this site is mutually dedicated to my three favorite vehicles through life - Photography, Writing and Speaking. As professional photographer I was (and still am) in my favored "Observer" mode. As writer, these observations exposed a deeper understanding into ethics, authenticity and leadership. As speaker, I get to be selfish. In giving we gain - big! By helping you to discover your own authenticity, passion and where you too are a leader, I get a huge pang of fulfillment. Yes, I am a giver - the most selfish sort of person that ever was. (that is, once you realize how great the results of giving truly are)