Have you ever entered a new year with EVERY intention of sticking to your plan?

Financial goals, career, relationship, ideal weight or new physique?.. I'll bet you've even got a book in you that a little voice in your head has stopped you from writing. (or lack of time?..)

Much like "weight-loss plans" that you start with grand momentum, revamping your life to support ANY new goal is like trying to build apartments on the foundation of a single dwelling.

No matter what you desire to achieve over the next year or next decade, this workshop will be like a play-date with your future, ideal Self!


I am.jpg
I am here to inspire growth through Gratitude and Awareness.
— Brian Geraths

We'll help you to define, on a deeper level, who you are. More than what your name badge says. More than your many roles as parent, spouse, volunteer, committee chair, coach... This is the ideal starting place to allow you a more holographic view of where you desire to be. Ask yourself out loud - WHY AM I HERE?..

For me personally, these exercises brought me to better understand the common elements of all aspects of myself to even create this site. Poet, writer, photographer, husband, father and teacher. By supporting you with this element of the presentation, I get to fulfill my own! My life statement that has allowed me to bring more clarity to every aspect of who I am and which goals have become my "Big Rocks".


Whether you've discovered or believe in the studies on "left-brain, right-brain" ways that we process, you will at least gain greater insight to the way you process as an individual.

From this we will discuss the best places for all items from keys to your desk itself. An arrangement that will allow you to WANT to work where you work, in a way that works best for you!

A system that will become your physical systems of organization, complete with resources from certified organization specialists. 


Taking your new-found clarity into your own way of thinking, we'll create a master list of all categories of your life.

Together we'll create a digital system that is guaranteed to increase your worth-per-hour by minimizing time spent searching for everything (including your keys - yes, a digital way of that too!)

Your personal productivity will allow you more time to focus on the life of your dreams, rather than the product of your conditions.

Using Evernote, or any tool like it, will become your digital brain, your digital hat-rack, your one-place to simplify all things important to you in work and life. THIS IS A CLASS WITHIN THE CLASS.

Evernote is a place for these and endless more, pulling from web pages, email, document scanning and notes created within the app. Learn to use Evernote, set you up to fulfill anything you can dream up, and save you countless hours on a learning curve. If you're already a One Note user, Apple Notebook user or similar app, you will still benefit greatly from attending this course.

Brian's ability to explain things in an easy-to-grasp manner, will set you up for immediate use, with a deeper understanding of how to make your time more profitable. His goal is not to sell you on Evernote, as much as to show you how to maximize your time and profitability.


This is my FAVORITE portion of the class. Where my inner poet meets my inner writer to create a word-portrait of you. (don't worry about what you're wearing, it's a metaphor)

If your brain is the garden, your words are the fertilizer. A perfect analogy in all aspects, since most of us spend our lives feeding that garden pure $#!+. We'll delve deep into the power of the words you choose to make your next New Year's Resolution list be the most prosperous garden that you've ever planted.


Dress comfortably.

Bring your favorite writing stick. Extra pens/pencils provided, but expect to write a fair amount. To minimize distractions for others, please refrain from using digital tablets or laptops, except during the Evernote training.

Bring business cards - you never know who you'll be sitting next to!

Meal not included, but we are surrounded by a variety of walking-distance restaurants that should meet all dietary preferences.

WHEN - 10a - 3p

COST - $99