My Purpose...

My proverbial hat-rack has included Lawn-boy (landscaper), Retail manager, (with all positions up that ladder), husband, father, step-father, pool-boy, writer, business owner, poet, camera-room counselor (best not ask for privacy reasons) and one of my favorites - "Bri-Anne Landers" as I was nicknamed by some female friends in my late teens.

Hidden in all of these things, was my ultimate distillation of a purpose that took 99% of my life to claim. Since doing so, my life has been forever changed by an upward spiral of perpetual good!  What I discovered, is that "I am an appreciator".

  • It's not enough for me to see it, I want to make it permanent so that I can share it with you.
  • Experiencing life-altering epiphanies is not enough, I want to share my insights to shorten that path with others.
  • "Stuff" happens, I find the golden lining, and crave the opportunity to share the gifts from that "stuff".
  • When I find a time-saving, life-simplifying tool or process - expect that you will hear about it!

I'm going to come right out and say this now. "I am not a life coach!" There are people far more qualified to coach at that craft than I am.

My gift, so I've been told" is to inspire you to find your purpose, so that I can better help you to simplify the process of maximizing who you are with some organizational and affirmative tools.

I get to paint with broader strokes until you actually find your "Ultimate Purpose" (Your UP!) My mission is to simplify, simplify, simplify your process.

I fulfill this by inspiring growth, increasing your gratitude, and expanding your awareness. A grateful mind fosters increased  awareness, allowing you to discover a higher sense of who you are.

One of the biggest shortcuts to this process (especially if you need to transition from a less purpose-filled path) is organization.

Your Purpose...

You're one click from how to get to who...