Evernote 101 (hats, that is...)

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Evernote 101 (hats, that is...)

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How many hats do you wear in a day?

This Evernote course has been the most requested of all topics to simplify your understanding of a life-altering app. Brian has distilled six years of Evernote use into a basic understanding.

Discover new and basic features, presented on three different devices to help you to become familiar from all perspectives of daily use.

Imagine a life, where you knew exactly where to go to find every file, document, client preference, school-related functions (per child). There are countless ways to set yours up, and in your class we'll do just that in a way that works for YOU specifically.

In no time at all, you'll have 101 for this life-simplifying tool!

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You're payment will be well-compensated as you see a demo of several time and money-saving features.

• Brian's visual teaching style will make more sense of the Evernote language.

• We'll help you maximize on the "FREE" version features (provided two connected devices will suffice for a single user)

• Explore several of the Premium features that will likely want you to upgrade (after we calculate the time-value to help you decide)

• Discover a folder coding system that will help you customize to how you think and work.

And the biggest question I get - "Why are you, as photographer, teaching a systems class on Evernote". To this I say - There are TOO many to count, but here are my Top 5 Reasons:

5 - My career as a photographer/entrepreneur requires MANY hats (as do students, independent sales peeps,

4 - My wife, and all the ideas I want to collaborate with her on to run our home.

3 - We have five kids, who all get at least a folder each (grades, gift ideas, their eventual families...)

2 - Planning, ideas, notes - all around my personal goals and activities


1 - I LOVE TO SHARE!!! I wrote down everything I wished that I had been taught when trying to learn this money-saving app. (just don't ever say that publicly, or they'll keep raising the price) Now I get to help others achieve more, maximize their time, and hopefully earn more in a career of passion - all because they discovered a system to tailor to their own needs.